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Shantawene Village lies within the Bensa District of Sidama, Ethiopia. This natural lot represents a culmination of coffees sourced from the village, meticulously processed at the local mill managed by the Dukamo Family. Renowned for their dedication to excellence, Daya Bensa, their company, has emerged as frontrunners in the realm of high-quality coffee collection and curation, earning them widespread acclaim. The Shantawene Village mill, in particular, has garnered notable success, evident in the exceptional quality of this coffee.

Going forward, Daye Benesa is hoping to work with more farmers, to particularly encourage women farmers and to work with Hawassa University, to help students perform research to improve coffee quality.

Country: Ethiopia
Region: Sidama
Roast: Light
Tasting Notes: Tropical, Lavender, Jammy
Altitude: 1,900-2,300 MASL
Variety: Heirloom
Process: Natural
Certifications: Women Producers

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