DAWN: Juxtapose Series

DAWN: Juxtapose Series

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Juxtapose Series: Uganda NKG Bloom Silverback

Washed Process: Silverback Dawn

Our Silverback Dawn is a meticulously washed coffee from the fertile slopes of Mt. Elgon in the Bulambuli district. Produced by the dedicated members of the Bulambuli Kwigaite cooperative, this coffee exemplifies the precision and care of the washed process.

Process Description:

  • Harvest: Coffee cherries are carefully selected and delivered to the newly constructed Bulambuli Washing Station.
  • Quality Control: Cherries are floated to remove any low-density or damaged beans.
  • Pulping and Fermentation: The cherries are machine pulped and then fermented for 12 to 72 hours to develop complex flavors.
  • Washing and Drying: Post-fermentation, the beans are washed and laid on raised beds to dry for 21 to 28 days, depending on weather conditions.

Flavor Profile: Experience a bright, clean cup with crisp acidity and notes of citrus and floral undertones, complemented by a smooth, refined finish.

About the Juxtapose Series

The Juxtapose Series celebrates the diverse flavors that can be achieved through different processing methods, roasting styles, or varietals. By featuring two coffees from the same region we invite you to explore and appreciate the unique characteristics slight variations can bring to the cup.

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