DUSK: Juxtapose Series

DUSK: Juxtapose Series

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Juxtapose Series: Uganda NKG Bloom Silverback

Natural Process: Silverback Dusk

Our Silverback Dusk showcases the rich, bold flavors achieved through the natural processing method. Also originating from the Bulambuli district, this coffee is a testament to the art and expertise of the drying yards in Mbale.

Process Description:

  • Harvest: The same high-quality coffee cherries are selected by the Bulambuli Kwigaite cooperative members.
  • Drying: Cherries are transported to drying yards in Mbale, where they are spread out and dried under careful supervision to ensure optimal results.

Flavor Profile: Savor a deep, full-bodied cup with intense fruitiness and notes of ripe berries and chocolate, rounded off by a rich, lingering sweetness.

About the Juxtapose Series

The Juxtapose Series celebrates the diverse flavors that can be achieved through different processing methods, roasting styles, or varietals. By featuring two coffees from the same region we invite you to explore and appreciate the unique characteristics slight variations can bring to the cup.

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