Then & Now Matcha by Spirit Tea

Then & Now Matcha by Spirit Tea

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In an inconstant world, continuity is absurd. At best, it is quaint, charming or silly; at worst it is harmful, false nostalgia. But for some, including Grand Master Kobayashi, whose family has been producing tea in Uji since 1827 by thousand-year-old traditional methods, we are offered a living glimpse into the past. Kobayashi named this matcha Ima-mukashi (今昔), combining the characters for “the present” and “a long time ago”. Mouthwatering umami and crisp floral sweetness make this great for all-occasion sipping: in milk, neat, or in bubbles. Notes of edamame, pea shoots, and chocolate daisy.

Region: Ujitawara, Kyoto; Refined in Kyotanabe.
Cultivar: Yabukita dominant field blend.
Harvest: May 20-27th (four-week shading period)
Producer: Mr. Kobayashi
Preparation: Traditional Hot Whisk (usucha) - 2g, 3oz water, 170 degrees. Shaken over Ice - 2g, Ice, 6-8oz water - shaken vigorously and served neat

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