Kodemari Matcha by Spirit Tea

Kodemari Matcha by Spirit Tea

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This bright and vibrant powdered green tea is as ubiquitous as it is popular: found in coffee shops, smoothies, and bakeries, the Uji, Kyoto-native matcha is endlessly reinventing itself since its origin over a millennium ago. Despite its widespread Western presence, fresh matcha is a painstaking labor of love from leaf (slowly shade-grown) to sorting (stalks/veins removed) to grinding (slowly ground) to your cup. Our beloved Kodemari is not only marvelous to mix, but an excellent daily sipper for your personal ritual. Notes of cherry blossom, sesame, and toasted rice.

Region: Yame, Fukuoka, Japan
Cultivar: Blend of Yabukita, Okuyutaka, Saemidori, and Okumidori
Harvest: Spring 2021
Producer: Yamaguchi Family
Brewing Recommendations:
Traditional Hot Whisk (Usucha): 2g (0.5 tsp) | 88 mL (85g) water | 170°F

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