Huoshan Yellow Bud by Spirit Tea

Huoshan Yellow Bud by Spirit Tea

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For yellow tea producers like Cheng Fang, courting a healthy balance of microorganisms in soil, air, and plants is vital to Men Huang (闷黄), the defining "sealing" production step where small batches of freshly fired tea leaves, still warm and moist, are wrapped in cloth and left to rest in their own steam over the course of hours. This mellows astringent bite, incubates new aromatic compounds, and physically yellows the fresh green leaf. Yellow tea’s intensive craft means that it has dipped from popularity in recent years—despite Huoshan Yellow Bud being one of the specific teas the sage Lu Yu names in his eigth century ‘Classic of Tea.’ Rich and creamy with notes of water chestnut, custard, and white pepper.

RegionJin Zhu Ping, Anhui, China
Jin Ji Zhong ('Golden Chicken Cultivar')
Harvest Date
April 18, 2021 (Yu Qian 'Before the Rains')
Cheng Fang
Brewing Recommendation: 
5g tea | 340 mL water | 180°F | 3:00

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