Formosa Green Snail by Spirit Tea

Formosa Green Snail by Spirit Tea

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Before he was thirty years old, Mr. Zhou was winning national tea competitions. Now he and his daughter manage the family garden tracing its roots back to 1879. This seventh/eighth generation duo produce a variety of Sanxia Biluochun (lit. Sanxia Green Snail Spring) made from Ganzai genotype of Qingxin (青心柑仔). The family also applies their heirloom techniques to black, white and oolong processes (including recondite Fujian Yancha stock). Enticing aroma gives way to lucid mouthfeel with structured, fresh tannin and a satiating finish. The Formosa Green Snail is by turns fruity, herbaceous, and vegetal.  Notes of sweetcorn, opal apple and mung bean.


Region: Sanxia, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Variety: Qing Xin Gan Zi (3)
Elevation: 100-200m
Harvest Date: April 2021
Producers: Mr. Zhou
Brewing Recommendation: 6g tea | 340mL water | 180°F | 3:00

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