Costa Rica Romelia • 12oz • Medium Roast

Named after the sister of the founder (who has passed on) and it is she who runs the farm in a sustainable way.  This hard bean is the same as our Market Roast Dark.  See if you can taste the subtle flavors of citrus, cocoa, and Brazil nut that is lost when roasted darker.  Moderately sweet and balanced.

Tanzania Peaberry Zanzibar • 12oz • Medium Roast

Medium bodied with higher acidity similar to a Kenyan coffee.  Citrus & fruity with a bottom note of caramel.  Clean, refreshing finish.

Sumatra Lintong • 12oz • Medium-Dark Roast

Organically grown but not certified.  Slightly earthy flavor that has a silky smooth body.  It has low acidity with hints of caramel and chocolate making it a great after dinner cup.

Jungle Jive • 12oz • Medium Roast

A blend designed specifically for the espresso machine and roasted in the Northern Italian style.  When brewed as an espresso, it yields a rich aromatic sweet crema.  As a pot of coffee, each cup will be smooth, rich, medium to medium-heavy bodied, with a long sweet finish.

Rockin’ Rhino • 12oz • Medium Dark Roast

Our beloved house blend!  African, Indonesian, and Central American beans have been blended to create a deep, rich, velvety coffee.  This is a great coffee for taking the time to sit back in your rockin’ chair and contemplate the world.

Market Roast Dark • 12oz • Dark Roast

A single origin Costa Rican bean that has been roasted to provide a solid foundation of flavor.  Excellent as a base for adding other flavorings.  It is full bodied with robust richness analogous to a good burgundy wine.

Costa Rican Decaf • 12oz • Medium-Dark Roast

A decaf coffee that will allow you to sip with joy!  Not just any decaf, but a decaf worthy of being compared to any regular coffee.  It is well balanced with body, flavor, and acidity.  You won’t be able to tell it’s decaf!

We are a craft coffee roaster.  Our love-affair with coffee goes deep.  While we are not big enough to travel to small farms to select our coffees, our relationship with those that do is cherished and respected. 

Because of that relationship, we are able to source our green coffee beans ethically and proudly.  Many hands touch this coffee before you drink it in your cup.  That love is present in every sip.


Coffee Collection

Note:  The coffees listed here are the core coffees we roast on a regular basis.  We also roast Limited Edition coffees that come and go so quick that we don’t have time to put them on the website. 


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